0 to 100, real quick.

My work life out here has exponentially become more hectic since I arrived in the city last Saturday. New advancements, hiccups on other projects, and an upcoming vacation have all been extremely relevant topics of conversation and stress, but we’re all handling it! I guess that’s what makes us the business program though, right?

Saturday was a whole lot of hanging out. Got some bread, some wine, some cheese, and some Netflix, posted up at my hostel, and chilled. I definitely needed that. I was also inspired by Pulum’s talk about astrology, so I started researching my birth chart. It was honestly too accurate for me to feel currently comfortable with, all the way down to my interest in Transcendentalism. I’ll definitely be revisiting that. I also started planning my week off for next week! Some things have been switching around, but I think that tomorrow night, I’ll try to make it out to some of the MBFW Panama City events (Fashion Week yassss), Saturday leave for Bocas del Toro, spend a good amount of time there to beach and such, and then go to Boquete for a coffee tour! I really want to do so much during this week, but I keep reminding myself that I’m here for two more weeks after my internship ends for more adventures. Trying not to try to fit the entire country into one week.

This week, we met with Willie further about our business plans for the distillery, and we think we might have a few cool ideas for that and are working them into the document, so that’s exciting! We’re pumped to share them with him and talk further. Yeah, I’m accidentally getting super attached to all my projects and have a personal need for them all to succeed and be awesome. I spent an extra night in the city at the Hispania apartment (will get into the why on that in a moment) so I finished out the rough draft of the business plan. I’m excited to share it with my team for the project when I go back to the valley later today.

Now for the most exciting part! My personal project has surged in progress. Josh and I went to meet with a graphic designer, Mariery Young, at a coffee shop on Tuesday, not entirely sure what to expect, but mostly hoping to just gain some insight on the industry. We still hadn’t found our artist and were having minimal luck with finding distributors and print companies. We got to talking with her, and it turned out that she had global industry experience, having worked with companies like Nike and Red Bull, as well as doing art around Panama City in trendy bars in Casco Viejo, and she was from Panama. She agreed to work with us, and suddenly Josh and I had a million things to do. We began conceptualizing a design, and since Kalu Yala has such a close connection with Jaguars and researching them, we decided that we wanted the tee print to feature a jaguar. We’re still working out costs and such, but that’s actually one of the reasons that we stayed in the city. In ten minutes, actually, we have a video conference with Kristy Strait, who head of art, marketing, and web design here at Kalu Yala. She’s really interested in our project and wants to help us with whatever she can, and we needed a solid wifi connection for this to happen… so here we are! Esteban and Zou approved us for extra night in the city so that we could do more research for distributors in the city and be able to have this meeting with Kristy. We’re so psyched to have this opportunity to work closely with our superiors and have a project that almost ensures longevity with Kalu Yala.

I’m honestly just so jazzed about this meeting so that’s all I can really think about right now. We’re so incredibly happy that our project is actually moving, since it was at a stand-still for so long. The next time I write, I’ll probably be posted up on a sundeck or a balcony in beautiful Bocas del Toro, but your USA cold weather will be in my thoughts.

Also, still no autumn photos? Y’all are letting ya girl down…



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Greetings! I'm Destiny, from the Detroit/Ann Arbor area, Michigan. I'm a barista, I love books, and I travel. Like, a lot.

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